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Well say, wax up those credit cards and come by to do a little book shopping. Our book is out and you’re allowed to buy as many copies as you’d like. Again, let me remind you, it’s the only time in my life my name will ever be associated with the words “wit” and “wisdom”. So, you’ll wanna get on that band wagon. Click right here to make the magic happen.

Thanks Big Daddy and Lynn for inviting me to join you. My fellow blogger friends who are also parents to kids on the Autism Spectrum really make me laugh, give me cyber fungi, make me laugh some more, and remind me I’m not alone in the craziness. I’m really glad I’ve found all of you.

[Cue sappy music. End scene]

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Date: Tuesday, 20. September 2011 14:23
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    You, Lynn and Big Daddy all rolled into one! I’m sold. Congrats:)

  2. 2

    Awwww…we’re so glad you eventually checked your email 8 weeks after we invited you to join us :)