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Leopard Pants Mondays

Monday, 12. November 2012 23:35

This, my friends, is how I plan to get through every Monday for the rest of my days.

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Look at Me When I’m Talking to You. Or Not.

Friday, 14. September 2012 15:37

I’ve recently discovered a remarkable young lady named Carly. She was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two. She is nonverbal but has a powerful voice. Along with amazingly loving, dedicated parents and therapists, Carly is currently in an 11th grade gifted class and is an advocate and author for those with Autism.

Carly’s Autism is different than Ellie’s. However, an excerpt from Carly’s book helped shed some light for me on something they do have in common. Eye contact. Or, more appropriately, a lack thereof. Carly described how her mind is like a camera with a photographic memory. When she looks at someone’s face, her camera is taking so many digital pictures that it is nearly impossible for her to process information being spoken while this is happening.

I try to encourage Ellie to look at a person when speaking or being spoken to, but I don’t force it. Carly’s words serve as an important reminder for me, as Ellie’s mama, to respect this about her. It’s something I’ve struggled with continually because to look at someone in the eye means you’re listening, that you care, that you’re connecting. Hearing what it’s truly like for someone with Autism is such a gift for us parents. We want to do the right things for our kids and having people like Carly help us is an amazing gift.

Carly was recently on The Doctors. Click HERE to see a snippet from that interview. snippet from that interview. Also, here is her facebook page. She’s remarkable.

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Lecture Series V

Tuesday, 24. July 2012 1:34

It’s been almost a year since our last lecture. Given the economic turmoil and political upheaval, Ellie wanted to provide some sound financial advice.

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A is for Aria

Friday, 10. February 2012 16:14

In the last several months, Ellie has opened herself up to watching things that don’t include “Finding Nemo” in the title. One of the new additions is “The Little Mermaid”. After several hundred viewings, I heard her singing in the bathtub like Ariel. She allowed me to capture her performance on camera.

The vibrato gets me every time.

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A Very Poopy Caterpillar

Wednesday, 14. September 2011 3:21

On August 23, 2011, Ellie found a monarch caterpillar at her friend Katie’s house. Ellie named it Izzy, put it in a jar and brought it home. According to Google, these caterpillars only eat milkweek. Um. Ok. Izzy owes her life to Google images.

That afternoon, we “procured” milkweed from an undisclosed location [my apologies to the Mom with three children whom I frightened by wielding a scissors so closely to the swings which should NOT be located so closely to the butterfly garden...see what happens?!].

Izzy was a VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR (the results of which created astounding, mounding, and pretty gross results…Eric Carle is a leaver out of details). On September 2, we transferred Izzy from her jar to a high-rise butterfly condo. The next morning she was a chrysalis, technically a pupa in a chrysalis. Give me a break. I was an art major.

This documentary takes place on September 13.

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Lecture Series IV

Saturday, 13. August 2011 16:06

Today’s Lecture Series involves instructional ballet. Ellie emphasizes responsibility. As I look at the video, I see Ben’s work briefcase on the floor, with what appears to be a brown paper bag holding a bottle of something. Clearly, she learns about responsibility from her mother.

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Lecture Series III

Sunday, 29. May 2011 17:10

Today’s Sunday Morning Lecture Series with Professor Bedhead is about Flower Pectum. This will be on the final exam.

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Friday, 20. May 2011 21:35

Our IEP at the beginning of this preschool year included goals of sitting in circle time with the other kids and saying good morning. I left that meeting in tears. So hopeful, that if just that goal was met one time, for the entire year, it would have been a complete success.

This was my girl at the end-of-the-year party. Awesome!

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Dance Update

Wednesday, 13. April 2011 1:32

Ellie’s Great Grandma came with me to ballet tonight. We both cried.

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Lecture Series II

Sunday, 10. April 2011 19:26

Welcome to today’s Sunday Morning Lecture Series by Professor Bedhead. Today’s topic: Invincible Meerkats.

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